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Horse Rider Massage

Massage for the horse rider, remove your own areas of tension sit deeper and more relaxed in the saddle.

Whilst many of us take time to treat our horses, having their back checked or a massage from Katy how often do we consider ourselves? Ask yourself this…

Do I spend long hours at a computer? Or on your feet? Have you fallen off your horse and are still a bit sore??

Do you feel unbalanced or uneven in the saddle?

Do you get tight in your neck or back after riding?

Do you exercise off your horse?

Well you shouldn’t feel tension, unbalanced or stiff… Allow me to help release those tight muscles so you need not sit stiff, or feel tension after you ride I can offer a range of treatments from a relaxing all over massage to a deeper tissue massage, remedial or sports massage targeting specific areas of tension, using acupressure or myofacial release techniques and where appropriate kinesiology taping to support the repair of muscle fibres.

There are many benefits to massage such as improved circulation, it can help to tone, aids in lymph drainage, relaxation, improved posture, improved sleep patterns, removes toxins from the body… and many more

Why not visit Sam and feel the benefits for yourself…

           Treatment Prices

30 mins - £25

   1 Hour- £35

1 Hour 30 - £50

Treatments can be all over body massage, head neck and shoulders, back or legs and feet -

the choice is entirely up to you, however the treatment will be specific to your own needs

and areas of tension.

Sam is able to come to you or your yard if you would prefer, some travel rates may apply.

Qualifications -

ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Body Massage - Merit

Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist - Distinction

Diploma in Indian Head Massage - Distinction

Acupressure Diploma - Distinction

Indian Head Massage -Distinction

Sam is accredited and insured by the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.