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Equine sports massage is the manipulation of soft tissues, enhancing the natural behaviour of the muscles. By increasing the horses circulation there is increased oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the muscle cells - this aids the body’s natural repair process and improves efficiency. If a muscle spasm is left untreated then the surrounding muscle fibres will have to overcompensate, creating further tension, pain and thus affecting the horses way of going.

Increasing the temperature within the muscle enhances it’s circulation, which in turn enhances the lymphatic circulation removing any metabolic waste. The increased temperature also assists in restoring nutrients back to the muscle and reducing any swelling after an injury.

Using appropriate techniques, post injury Equine Sport Massage triggers endorphins which promote relaxation, which in turn reduces pain and relaxes muscle spasms and tension, this is

Equine Sports Massage

The Benefits

This names just a few of the ways in which Equine Sports Massage can help your horse become more relaxed, happy and healthy.

Equine Sports Massage aims to:

Who benefits from equine sports massage?

Massage can benefit the well being of the animal, release tension and aid mental relaxation.

In the event of an injury, massage is a great benefit to aid recovery and prevent atrophy (wasting) of muscles.

As an Equine Practitioner Katy will look at the horse as a whole, and consider the possible causes and effects of any tension, whilst interpreting the horses reactions and expressions.

Katy can further consider nutritional balance, analyse hair and  offer magnetic and herbal therapy to combat stresses.

Equine Sports Massage is the manipulation of  soft tissues, enhancing the natural behaviour of the muscles.

Horses have over 700 individual muscles in the body to support the skeleton and create motion.

These muscles become tired, tense and sore which can lead to painful muscle spasm and tension. This can cause over-compensation elsewhere in the body creating imbalances and misalignments throughout the musculoskeletal system. Discomfort will restrict the horse’s range of movement, flexibility and engagement and will therefore negatively affect performance.

Massage is a therapeutic application of specific massage strokes and compressions along with passive stretching which is applied to the body to alleviate this soreness and improve suppleness.

It is not just performance horses that Equine Sports Massage will help, the ability to release muscle spasm and tension means that any horse will be more comfortable and will reduce pain whether in work or not.