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Positive Effects!


Equine Sports Massage

Canine Sports Massage

Calm Clipping

Tack Fit Checking

Dog Obedience Training

Why massage?

*Increase and improve circulation

*Enhance muscle tone

*Relax muscle spasm

Katy and Sam cover South West England, we are able to visit your home or yard, contact us now to start your journey to Positive Effects.

Positive Effects is about more than just sports massage for horses, ponies and dogs, its about getting the balance right with your horse or dog and ensuring they are comfortable to enjoy life with you.

Our aim is to provide a complete package of support  for you and your equine, we offer a multitude of services all of which are brought with a calm and relaxing manner for both horse and rider.

Katy will focus on your equine to ensure he is free from pain or stiffness in his joints and muscles, helping to perform at his best every day for you. Furthermore Katy is able to communicate with him listening to any ‘issues’ he may have in his environment.

Sam  offers a variety of human sports and remedial massage, reflexology and the use of kinesiology taping to allow you the rider to be balanced and effective in your position and physical well-being both on and off the horse.  Futhermore, Sam can offer confidence coaching for the more nervous equine owner.

Katy Bower Sports Therapist

Katy has worked and cared for horses for some 30 plus years, in varying equestrian disciplines and as pets for her daughter and herself, she holds a number of qualifications all of which support her knowledge and skill base, to help your animal be in the best shape it can be.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with horses as an Equine Therapist, being able to see the horses release as the tension is massage and manipulated out of their muscles is very rewarding. I love hearing the positive feedback from clients after treatments about their horses way of going and how much better it is!”. For more information about Katy visit the ‘about us’ page

Over 30 years equine experience

Sam Davis Sports Massage Therapist

Sam has owned horses for over 15 years now, having ridden  as a child, we all know how  it is, the bug is always there! Having been working with a variety of riders on and off their horses for some time, helping them re-build their confidence and achieve their goals however big or small. “Aware of my own imbalances, I am pleased to be able to offer remedial body massage, sports massage, reflexology and kinesiology application to help the rider be free from stiffness and pain both on and off the horse.”  A far cry from  the massage you would receive on a spa day, true remedial massage, works with the muscles and tissues at different levels to truly release tension.

For more information about Sam visit the ‘about us’ page.